A Bunch of Keys Surrounding a Padlock

The History of the Lock

Peifer Safe & Lock is dedicated to helping individuals and families protect what they love with the best security locks, tools, and accessories on the market today. But did you know the lock itself is an ancient piece of security technology dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians? Since the dawn of modern civilization, […]

Locksmith changing lock on house

What Do Locksmiths Actually Do?

You know that locksmiths work with locks, obviously. But you might be wondering what all they actually do. Aside from cutting keys, do they offer any additional services? Of course! Here are some of the main services that locksmiths offer – they might not all be what you think.       Key Copies: It’s important […]

Woman opening the door of her home with keys

When and Why You Should Have Your Locks Changed or Re-Keyed

With the excitement of buying a new home or being too busy to call someone when your locks start to wear out, changing or re-keying the locks is something that often goes undone. While it’s easy to justify putting it off, leaving locks unattended to could have costly consequences. Aren’t sure if it’s time to […]

Buyer Beware – Locksmith Scammers

WMC Action News 5 local to Memphis has just run a story to expose the issue of locksmith scammers to the general public. This is not the first time that Andy Wise has brought this issue up, and the mere fact that it is getting worse is good reason to make sure you are protecting […]


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