5 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Home

Safety is a top priority for most people. But we know keeping your house secured is no small task. So here are 5 easy things you can do to protect your home and keep your family safe.

1. Brighten It Up

The main goal here is to make it looks like someone is home and awake at all times. As the sun goes down, flip that porch light on. You should also keep a hall light or a small table lamp on after you go to bed. If you find you’re having trouble remembering to turn lights on or off you can always set them up on timers.

You should also consider getting a motion light for any rear entrances or areas of your property that are especially dark at night. Make it known that you’re home so that would-be thieves know not to mess with you.  

2. Lock It Down

This might seem like a silly step. Who wouldn’t remember to lock their doors? But, hey, it happens sometimes! Busy mornings and hectic schedules can get the best of you. Keep your house safe by always taking the time to double check that your doors are locked up.

You should also double check that all your windows are locked up tight. Yes, on every floor of your home. And don’t forget about that door in your garage! Your garage door isn’t as safe as you think it is, so make sure you lock that interior door too.

3. Keep It Neat

Sneaky thieves will try to hide in your overgrown bushes to watch your property before breaking in. They also look for shaggy lawns as a sign that you’re out of town or not home often. Keep those bushes trimmed up neatly and mow your grass regularly. If you are going out of town then mow right before you leave or schedule someone to come by while you’re gone.

        You also want to look out for anything that hides or covers up your front door. If someone passing by can’t see your door clearly then they can’t see the bad guy trying to break in either.

4. Put It Away

“Put what where?” you say. Well. For starters, put all your valuables and keepsake in a safe. They make safes in all different sizes and shapes so there is absolutely something that’ll work for you and your space. If a safe isn’t in your budget, think about getting a fire-proof lock box and try to hide it somewhere really clever (so definitely NOT under your bed or in a closet).

5. Check It Off

Everyone has an internal checklist they go through when leaving the house. Phone, check. Keys, check. Wallet, check. Your leaving the house checklist should include checking locks, unplugging curling irons, closing blinds, and other safety precautions. We’re not saying that you need to take an hour to check everything before leaving but you should at least hit the highlights. That way you know for sure that your house is safe when you’re away.

Speaking of checklists, your pre-bedtime routine probably includes picking our clothes for the next day or some much deserved relaxation time. Consider adding a “lock-down check”. Take the time to walk every room to check that all your windows and doors are locked up tight. We promise you’ll sleep sounder at night knowing that your home and family are safe.

Feel like this list isn’t enough? Sure, there are more ways to make sure your home is safe. These are just some easy things you can do right now without much change to your daily routine. If you find yourself looking for more ways to keep your home protected visit our website or give us a call. Your safety and peace of mind is always our top priority and we’d love to help you with all your security needs.