4 Things You Need to Know About Key Control

This blog post is all about Key Control and how it can help your protect your home and business. Ready? Let’s get started.

What is it??

Pretty straightforward idea right? Key Control is all about the knowledge of your current lock and key situation. Still not sure? Let’s find out if you have Key Control.

Do you have it??

Ask yourself these questions.

  • How many keys exist for your locks now?
  • Could someone make a copy of a key to your lock without you knowing?
  • How many places can your key be copied?
  • Were the locks to your home and business changed before you moved in?

Could you answer them all? Did all your answers make you feel safe? Ideal key control means you have perfect knowledge of how many keys exist for your locks and only you could get keys made and only at a certain place. These restrictions keep your keys out of the hands that aren’t meant to have them. If this description doesn’t sound like your situation then it may be time for you to make some changes.

Why is it important??

Key control is your first step in security for your home and business. Think hard, could the people who lived in that house before you still have a leftover spare key? Did your landlord change the locks before you moved in? Could that employee you fired have made a copy of their key before they left? If everyone who ever had access to that lock could still get in then why would you even bother locking the door? Basically, Key Control keeps that chaos at bay. It protects your home or business by keeping keys in the right hands.

How do you get it??

Just like with anything there are varying degrees of key control. But they all start at the same place. Your local locksmith. They can give you options and tell you what’s really going to provide the best safety. Your key might say “Do Not Duplicate” but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. So step away from those hardware stores. Locks at hardware stores tend to be poor quality with keys that are easily copied by anybody. Go to a locksmith for your locks and keys. It’s a little more expensive but much more secure.

 If you’re just worried about your home, then it could be as simple as changing your locks. Avoid making too many extra keys. You should only have one or two spares max.

If you’re managing lots of locks and keys, then you might want to consider a restricted keyway. In general, these locks aren’t sold in retail spaces, making them more secure. It also means that whoever you buy the lock from will be who you have to go to for keys. Suppliers will have some way to manage that keyway and the creation of keys for it, usually involving some sort of authorized user system. Here at Peifer Security Solutions, we have clients fill out an authorization form that lets us know who exactly can come in for copies of those keys and every time a copy is requested, we notify the client.

We know that no two people have the same circumstances, meaning no two people have the same security needs. We suggest consulting with a trusted local locksmith so you can get the security and peace of mind you deserve.