3 Steps to Personalized Security

Your home and your business are important to you, so protecting it is always going to be a top priority. But, just like your home and business are unique to you, the security you need to protect them is going to be unique too. You might need less of what your neighbors needs or more of something they don’t need at all. A personalize security system comes together when you take the time to analyze and respond to the specific needs for your home or business.

Think Like a Thief

Put on your ski mask and take the time to size up your property. By thinking like a thief, you can better understand where the weaknesses are, which will make it easier to figure out what security precautions you need to take.

Start at the perimeter of your property, checking gates and fencing. Where do people enter or exit? What kinds of locks are on those doors and how easy would it be to break into them? Move inward, checking doors and windows. How old are they? Are they all in good working condition? Think about how someone would try to enter without getting noticed. Where are the building’s blind spots? Where can you stand that no one would see you? These questions will help you determine what parts of your property needs to be better protected.

You should also think hard about your assets. Make a list, starting with your most expensive and most important. Then think about which ones are most accessible, most vulnerable to theft. This exercise should show you where your weaker points lie and give you a better idea of your unique security needs.    

Consult an Expert

They’re called experts for a reason, right? It can be difficult to know what security measures and products are going to actually help you. Especially if you just jump on Amazon and start searching. It can be tempting to buy those dirt cheap products but truthfully, when it come to security, you’re most likely sacrificing safety and quality for that lower price. On the flip side, your security needs might not call for the top dollar, fancy products.

Instead of trying to navigate those minefields by yourself, find a trusted locksmith or security company in your area to ask about what solutions might be best for your needs. Their experience and expertise can be invaluable to your search for personalized security. If you think that professional help might be out of your reach then at least take the time to do some real in-depth research, read reviews and consult consumer reports.

Start with the Basics

The world of security can get pretty complex pretty fast, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we suggest starting with the basics and then climbing the ladder until you feel like your needs have been met. The base of solid security starts with the simpler things.

Doors and windows should be in good conditions, meaning no cracked glass, chipped wood or rust marks. Any doors leading outside should have high-security deadbolts (like the ones you can find here). Starting off with good key control habits is also essential. But you can learn more about that here.

The simplest one that people usually forget is light. At night, your property should be well lit to deter people who want to sneak around undetected. Keeping parking lots and doorways bright at night also protects anyone walking to or getting out of their cars late at night.

After you’ve taken care of those simpler things, you can start thinking about the other stuff, from alarms to full access control systems for your business to security cameras and anything in between.

These steps certainly aren’t everything there is to protecting your home or business, but it’s a great start. Security is a process and the sooner your start the sooner you can take a deep breath and enjoy the peace of mind that only comes when you know that you’re protected.

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